Hey everybody, Scott Lindstrom here…   I have been around and you can read my story in the ” About Me ” tab.

No I am not some Guru or some slick marketer trying to hock my products on you. I am a honest to god real person that you can connect with… Go ahead and click on the connect with me tab and lets have a chat.

I produce content on a regular basis and I bring the “value” to you. Check back often as I am part of a mastermind community that is focused on helping new and struggling marketers achieve more in their primary businesses, you can find out more about this here. This is the Harvard for Online Marketing…


I didn’t start out knowing everything and there is a always a backstory to every online success story out there… there are a lot of shiny objects and B.S out there and I want to always give it to you straight and uncut… that’s who I have to be…

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LTS – Learn, Train, Succeed

Scott Lindstrom