Using Facebook To Actually Make Money for Your Business

What is up with everyone trying to not make money on Facebook… I see a bunch of flawed tactics being used. I want to share with you here now that you now you can use will help you across all social media platforms…

We are going to cover some strategies and going over some of the major dont’s when it comes to advertising.

Facebook if a country would be the 4th largest country… It is so big it topples governments. If you think nothing in the world goes unnoticed without Facebook knowing about it.

When a Earthquake hit Napa Valley California this past week there were notifications in seconds after it happened it took CNN 6 to 10 min for them to break programming and to let the rest of the world know…

Think for a minute and relax and listen to a philosophy to make money…

People are trying way to hard to make money on FB…

Sometimes if you got your grip on the steering wheel you cannot really drive and steer…

Let me ask you a question… is it called …

Logo Book ?
Buy My Crap Book ?
Product Book ?

NO ITS FACEBOOK …. you… your face… huge concept… your timeline banner you can change it up a bit… but the actual profile pic should be a pic of your face..

Think of FB as BBQ ( couple of friends over )
Linked In as the OFFICE (stuffy and cooperate)
Twitter is like a bar ( cant hear much really noisy)

 We need to talk and think like our customers and with our clients we have a 90 / 10 rule
90 percent of what we post comment like and share is all about value to our customers…
Adding value …

Talking about or sharing simply badass content that you would want to read!!!

Ask yourself the question when you read what you post … AM I BEING PITCHED ?

Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, ASK…

Show people the freedom lifestyle… hey if you are stuck in a cubicle and you want to be out like me then lets connect online and see how we can make that a possibility….

That’s just as easy as posting a pictures that say buy buy buy…

Talk about the benefits of working with you and not the features… you want to answer the question why should I buy ______ (blank being your product or service )  from you, why should I work with you?

Be answering the question …why you???

Let’s go into Edgerank – It is the mathematical equation to determine how many people you are connected to and how may people see your posts and FB determines your value and if or not you are going to show up in peoples newsfeeds.

So lets talk about how to get more edgerank It’s simple and its all about engament…
Engaement is the ENTIRE KEY to FB

Think of the ratings system for the following below ( just a example )

Share a post  = 5 votes in your favor
Comment a post = 2 votes in your favor
Like a post     = 1 vote in your favor

FB ranks these…votes

Back in the day you could post stuff to get people to ” Like ” your stuff

You can not put puzzles and posts are soliciting engagement anymore! FB can literally read the posts ( yes the images you post ) .. FB is that smart now.

There are 5 things not to post about …

It is a funnel and at the bottom people are going to pay you at the bottom
People who are less like you the less likely they are to buy from you

  3. No SEX
  4. No SPORTS ( your son / daughter in little league is ok )

Pretty basic don’t take chunks out of your funnel by pissing people off

Find people you want to work with and people that you tag you want them to see the post
Share their content ( don’t really do the like button ) but share their content…

Making something go viral and the sharing is a good thing…

Another concept is you want to get your FB profile to 5000 friends…

So one of the ways to build your friend list and join groups where your prospects like… always be asking for them to connect with you… (call to action)

Post quotes… and add value.. that is a actual way to build your edge-rank and engage others..

If you want to get FREE quotes for you business then you can go to
You can get 1 a day!

My goal is to get someone off FB and have a real conversation.. I created a form that you can  go to it goes to may calender and schedules a call. It allows them to choose a time when it is convenient to them.

Tip : Your Time is always valuable… time is money so if you have a lot of time you appear to have no money or no real valuable I have a “window” of time I can carry on a conversation with someone who is not scheduled.

Start a fan page before you need it! When you start a fan page use your name if it is avaiable… why what happens if you change companies / products or services… God forbid if the company changes names or the product goes away… Keep it all under one roof

Lets talk about how to gain edge-rank for your FAN PAGE.
Log into fan page and post then
go back into your regular profile
search for you fan page
and then share that post to your regular page

Not only will you get credit for that share but it will cause people to comment, like and share giving your fan page some traffic!

If you want to promote something then you can hit the boost post… so it makes more of your firends see it.

If you send private messages to people
PLEASE DO NOT add a bunch of people into a message at the same time!!!
Make it personal …

Post comments on Guru’s pages especially when they are selling… Post comments that are supportive or complements don’t post crappy comments… say something nice or do not say anything at all.

This is the Biggest

Think as your FACEBOOK page as your legecy.. If you die tonight you are going to be able to see who you were after you are gone…

How many times to post if you are giving value as many people a day! If you are selling only a couple of times a day!

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