3 No B.S Ways Top Internet Marketers Produce Results


This Post is going to do two things its going to motovate you or make you upset. Understand that 95 percent of the people are not going to do little or anything with their online business and that leaves the other 5 pecent to reap the rewards. I have designed this post  to be a very efficient way of understanding this. It is mostly mindset diven and you will not have the money you want until you have the mindset you need.

Warning: This information is going to be scary and could possibly make you go run into the closet all huddled up and crying in the fetal position…

To all the would-be and internet marketers out there there are some things that I am going to go over that make shock you…

You may have a real ah-ha moment…

What I am going to share is what I was taught on a webinar by a six figure year online and I had my ah-ha moment..

When people say “Scott how come I am not getting 10 leads a day with Twitter!?” And then they quit… because they have not mastered the things that Top Internet Marketers do.

So here they are :

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1 . Commitment

You got to commit to 1 single lead generatio strategy… The second you get out of bed go do that one thing… before opening email / facebook and you can go from 2 leads to day in one month to 30 leads in one

Focus on that 1 thing until you reach 20 (not 5-15 leads per day)…. build your strategy and focus on that 1 thing…

(It gets distracting as hell folks) You got to bave a  Obseessive focus, borderline around OCD…

horse with the blinders on

Put the blinders on. Notice the picture of the horse and the little piece of plastic on the side of it’s head so it keeps focused.

Nobody told me I would not have to be a focus / commitment FREAK with one strategy. Develop the disiciplline  have waht is takes inside of you…

Stop looking for a link or a push button thing or widget that is going

Dont go to 30 different facebook groups and slap your link in there…

1 Front End Offer – Pick one strategy ( which one ) which one can you invision yourself doing 6 days a week. Be real with who you are if you hate writing stay away from blogging…

One thing to sell you sell an affiliate offer and aquire a customer and that revenue covers the cost of your tools for the business. You aint going to make anything

So the business model is sell a offer on the front end ( normally under $100 dolars ) and then your oppourtunity with the value

and they sign up… about 20 percent will be married and the 80 percent will not be married to their oppourtunuty ( thoes are the ones that you want).

Commitment to more then one lead offer and one lead strategy and one back end strategy ( creates paralaysis )


A perfect example in the real world would be Apple. Back in the day they used to sell only computers, and that was it. so they introuduced a low ticket offer on the front end i.e the i pod the ( lead strategy ) and the back offer was the computer. ( o.k there was that thing called the apple Newton like a palm / pre-smartphone device back in the early 90 but it flopped so we wont count that )

Today the entry point is the i phone and then when someone goes to buy a computer are they thinking mac or pc at time of purchase?

So this front end to back end business model is used by a lot of other companies… The oil change places like Jiffy Lube are great at this. You are in there getting you 30 dollar oil change and some attendant comes out and says that your air filter is horrable and your wipers are cracked… cha… ching … cha … ching.

When you promote “Just Your Thing” on the front end its a big turn off. Choose a offer that is easy to sell…

Nobody cares what’s in your juice, or product and you sound like all the rest of the other marketers hocking their stuff online.

Be careful with strategies with intergrations with other strategies things that are combining.

If you do Periscope then just do just Periscope and send all that traffic to your lead caputure page…

You can do that with ANY strategy , just do not do not make that more complex then it has to be…

# 2 Consistancy 

Another thing Top Internet Marketers do is “The Business”  about 5 / 6 days a week ( not 1 to 3 days a week ) Not when you feel like it… 5 to 6 days per week… eat drink and sleep this one strategy…

If you got 2 hrs on Tue and 2 hrs on Thurs you are a hobbyist… there is no room for a hobbyist mentality if you are going to get 6 figures a month that is NOT the way to do it.

Yes you can hit 6 figures a year if you commit to 2 1/2 half plus hours per day / every day  (just being straight up honest with you) that is a 6 figure commitment.

Until your at 5x to 6x days per week, your simply a “tourist” o by the way WEBINARS DO NOT COUNT! ( webinars you are a spectator you are actually not doing work. )

I want to go over the Benifits of a 5x to 6x days per week consistency

  1. You get results quickly
  2. Results will snowball you will gain Momentum
  3. Becomes a habbit. Gets Easier you become more efficient
  4. Positive Freedback and get results
  5. Self Esteem Boot. Feel Like You Deserve It…
  6. You Will Feel Like A “PLAYER” You change your Identity

Yoy will earn up to what you internally feel you deserve to earn… if you secretly feel like your putting in part time work you wont feel like you deserve to earn 6 figures and… YOU WONT.

If you simply “DO THE THING”  5x to 6x times per week consistently you’ll quickly FEEL like you deserve to earn 6 figures… And YES You Can…

When you do this consistently you will match that level of a TOP EARNER and you will know that you are doing it more then 95 percent of everyone else…

#3 Mental Toughness 

A.K.A  resilience, fortutue – MOXY

It’s the ability to maintain a single-minded focus the excution on 1 lead strategy and 1 offer 5x 6x a week despite external and intenal distractios, urgencies and priorities.. 

You must get stronger emotionally and psychologically… go to mindset workshops… ( i.e Landmark Forum )

large rockNow think of your business as a large rock (your business)  and you are going to put it in a bucket (your life )  If you put in smaller rocks in first you will never fit the large rock in…

You can put the big rock in first and then put the smaller rocks in afterward and you got to put your business in first then you can fit the other things around it. Pretty simple hungh?

There are 2 types of things to deal with external and  internal

External is the “STUFF” You deal with

  • Family
  • Events ( Social Obligations, Travel, ECT)
  • Money
  • Your regular Job

You may have all or 1 maybe even 2 of theses thing now dispite all that you have got to take on this obsurde level of commitment.

I can make a promise to you: If you do a lead generation strategy and do it 5 to 6 days a week you will get 20+ leads per day… 

Internal “STUFF” You deal with

  • Emotions
  • Health
  • Self-Esteem
  • Inner Voice

Again..you may have all or 1 maybe even 2 of theses thing now dispite all that you have got to take on this obsurde level of commitment.

So there we have 3 things here that is going to make you become a Top internet marketers do… they produce. It’s not  not just a hobby marketer not a lukewarm marketer it’s a commited consistant, mental attitude to susceed and YES YOU CAN!

If you found this information helpful let me know about it!

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