The Three Biggest Killers of Entrepreneurs

The Three Biggest Killers of Entrepreneurs

I have been an Entrepreneur since the age of 14 and ever and I have come across a lot of failures and restarts across my lifetime

I have Identified 3 of the biggest killers of the modern day entrepreneur. These are of course in no particular order…

The first Killer is

Doubt: It is one of the things that will cripple you. When you start working on your business online / network marketing you may encounter something that may stop you like setting up a capture page.

People have literally quit the business because they could not figure out a damn capture page and how to set one up. If you are operating in doubt it is hard to go forward. Faith and Fear either you are going to believe and you are going to succeed or you are going to believe that this will fail and it is not going to work.

The Second Killer of Entrepreneurship is … and by the way, these killers will piggyback on one another and work together to knock you out.

Discouragement: In your business, you are going to have highs and lows. I know people who are 6 figure a year earners that have confessed and said that there were days not only doubted if they were in the right business but got really down on themselves. These are the people that we call “successful”

You may launch a campaign however, your campaign may not get the results you want.  There is a disconnect where you expected to be and where you are and that breeds discouragement and frustrated. It’s hard to move forward with something especially when you don’t feel motivated or optimistic.

Maybe there are others that people that will sharpen you up by calling them up and help each other stay motivated. Just because you are a leader you are going to stop encountering discouragement and failing faster. The more action you take by experience success you have the opportunity to receive discouragement faster.

Do what motivates and fires you up because life comes and you have to fight and resist discouragement. The way to failure is to give up and stop. Not everything you do is not perfect… and the majority of the things you try are probably not going to work.

Killer number three is:

Distraction: It can affect all of us. Where do you think you see distraction the most? The news feed Instagram, Facebook Twitter its anything that is keeping you and pulling you away from your business. Distraction diverts your focus.

The only way to battle distraction is a constant focus. You need to develop a daily routine and a DMO ( daily method of operation ). To battle these things. What is the goal or objective of the end in mind? Be sure you find that out. All the social media strategies work.

Do not jump around to everything or jump to the next shiny opportunity. Ron Gelok did YouTube videos for 6 months before he got his first sale. You need to make sure you don’t have too many irons in the fire.

Ultimately the devil, negative energy they come to steal your business it requires faith, optimism, and fortitude to persevere and push forward.

Finally Get around the right people and focus on your intentions and focus on your objections. Now if by chance you have your own pitfall that you have experienced in your business be sure to put it in the comments

Thanks hope you got value from this, if you did be sure to comment and share this post.

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