How to Crush 2018 and Beyond in Your Marketing

Yea I know it’s February and we have some 320 days until Christmas so you have over 300 opportunities (days) to crush 2018 and beyond in your marketing.

If you have been in business for a while and you have not had the success that you want (or deserve)  I am here to say here is a really good chance to start anew. You can make it happen!

I really don’t come up with original ideas but I take material I digest it add my sauce and spit it back out. I learned it from the community I am a part of… I did not have to re-invent the wheel or come up with super duper o.g content.

Here are a few points that can help you Crush 2018 and beyond…

Number 1

You want to develop a valuable skill. If you are all about this or that its all about value and you need to become better at that… you need to develop your marketing skills.

This is a profession so you can get professional pay. You get armature pay in the beginning (sucks) but you will develop your marketing skills that are doing this every day and willing to show you how to do that. Coaching is a shortcut to success. Get a mentor and get from point A to Z quicker then you would without one. There are so many things you don’t know what you don’t know. You cannot do everything for free.

FREE takes to long and it’s going to cost you in long run. So you are going to have to spend money on the tools you are going to have to invest in training or a coach. When you are developing those skills you are going to have to have a media mindset people online like to connect with people they like, know and trust.

In 2018 you are going to have a media company mindset. This is the age of content so you are going to have to create media to get people to know like a trust you. You got to be like someone cannot turn on a social media channel without seeing you.

That’s how you want to do it you can do it through blogging or social media engagement. You got to do this consistently.

In developing those skills what do you want to be known for? you have something that is of value now. Whatever that is, share that… leverage some of the things you are good at. How do you juggle your family / business ( share that ).

Number 2

YOU got to ignore the word NO. You cannot get emotional and let those things get to you. The more NO’s you’re getting the more YES’s you are going to get. it is statistically impossible to keep getting NO’s activity. You want to get more NO’s through massive activity. People Which marketing method should I do? (they all work by the way) … simple whatever one works for you. Don’t over complicate it just 10 X that and then take 20%of your time to learn new skills… Go through the NO’s and you are going to get better … trust me…  Remember NO dose not mean NO forever it just means NO right now.

Number 3

Network your way to success. This is a really big part to your way to success and events are a big part to this. There are generic events and also there are events in your company you need to attend. The ENERGY at the events and events can dramatically change your business. I know people’s business launched at certain events and someone might say something to you at a bar that might change… it dramatically changes your business and help you crush 2018.

Number 4 

Hustle at your own expense. You want to just go all in you can do it, its just a mindset. Stop chasing the sale and chase the experience. Scott you don’t understand I need the sale that’s great but it’s a process that what you don’t understand. If you are brand new you are going to have to go through the process like every other 6 figure earner. You need to learn with how to get leads and sales. It does not have to take a long time why do someone crust it in 30 / 60 days? They went all in! How are they doing it? Mindset is key, everyone has hurdles and drawbacks… knowledge, experience execution is the new currency.

Watch out 20 18 here you come!

Number 5

recognize opportunity and take it. People talk their way out of things. Take advantage of opportunity. If you want it take it if you want to be a six figure earner just take it. You don’t have to ask for permission just got to do it.. nobody needs permission to have success. Hey do you mind if I become a 6 figure earner? You just got to do it.

that is a small taste of how you can crush 2018

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