The Sales Funnel Template

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Creating you Auto Pilot sales machine is possible and I want to show you how to do that with a thing called a sales funnel

The word auto pilot is like imagine people signing up people without even having to speak to them or that they are extremely qualified…

The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work – Thomas A Edison

The easy button is the death button… Now this system It will work 24 hrs a day once you set it up… and it will make a lot more sense…

Here we going to scratch the surface with the sales funnel so this will be a basic overview but each compnent is a lesson all to itself.



sales funnel equasion

It really consists of 3 things to get your Sales funnel off the ground

Traffic – Getting Visitors to your Website or Blog

Leads – Building a email list ( so you can follow up ) 90 to 98 percent of your sales will come from follow up…

Sales – Creating customers that buy your product or service ( what ever you are pomoting or selling )

Sales funnel is put simply a process that you move people through… it is the steps you move a prospect through to get results…

Traffic —> Free Offer —> Capture page    the email process begins at the Free Offer ( capture page )


Parts of the Sales Funnel 

Here are the basic parts of a sales funnel that you need to know forwards and backwards

Lead Magnet – Something that is of value that someone is willing to put in your contact info for something valuable

Capture Page ( squeeze Page )

Welcome Page ( optional ) – If you have someone opt in to a squeeze page that you can combine the offerpage and the welcome page together. This is normally after the capture page

Offer Page – Your main offer ( duh )

Follow Up Process – Lot of moving parts but is extremely important

When you build out your own sales funnels you will always get a better conversion vs the stock capture pages… Your own sales videos will ALWAYS CONVERT BETTER… providing you are not studdering like Mel Tillis ( Google him)

This is how people become masters and 6 and 7 figure earners….

Ever single one of y’all can do this… the sales funnel will do that ( no I am not from the south)


Lead Magnet is a irresistible lead bate that gives just one piece of the overall pie to the prospect in exchange for their contact information.

THE GOAL of the lead Magnet is to entice your prospect to give you their contact information in excahnge for something of value in other words, GENERATE LEADS !

Creating Your Lead Magnet 

Target market specific – You must undstand everybody is NOT YOUR PROSPECT! Why do they think that people study demographics and learn their target market before launching their product because they are trying to speak to thir specific customers –

So if you are targeting everyone then you are wasting your time…

Make you Lead Mangnet High value, Usable and above all Easy to Consume .

It Pre-frames them ( your customer )  for your offer – educate and move them through the process

Be Specific – Never let your lead magnet be unclear as to what they are getting

Magic Pill – Make a big and high value point they can take and get results with fast…the faster they can use and implement what ever they are getting the higher your offer will convert.

End Result- You want to speak to their desired results

Immediate Gratification – Give them something they can use RIGHT NOW! Avoid long drawn out lead magnets ( advoid the 10 day boot-camps )

You do want to play on that a little bit ( not trick ) but give them something they can do right now…

Pre-Frame – A good lead magnet will Pre-frame your prospect to seek out more information from you.

High Value – A free offer shouldn’t be cheap or cheezy. It should be something they can use. Perceived value is important make it professional looking spend a little time on it… If you saw the offer would you jump on it?

Consume Quickly – Create something your prospects can consume fast aviod long boot-camps or eBooks that take forever to read

Stand alone product –


There are so many different ways to give away your content the question is which one… now you are going to start getting into testing and tracking…

  • Report or guide ( PDF )
  • Cheat Sheet or Worksheet ( PDF )
  • Resource List ( Rolodex )
  • Video training (30 -45 min)  or combo cheat sheet
  • Affiliate offer or training…

Potential Titles For Your Lead Magnet 

These are simple examples of headlines that you can use

  • How to Get your first 500 leads online in 60 days or less
  • How to Rank YouTube videos on the the first page of Google in 60 minutes or less for limitless traffic Leads and Sales
  • How to recruit 3 people per week every week for a full year with total ease and without rejection

Use IWriter and Fiverr together…

Capture Page Element To Consider For Lead Conversions


My Lead System pros Funnelizer is the sales funnel creation wizzard. All you do is  take the 10 day risk free trial of this amazing complete system . you can try MLSP here

Lead Pages – Simple capture page builder

Optimized Press WordPress Theme – It is a great way to build out capture pages it is a little bit more intense…

Anatomy of a successful capture page…see the different parts that are needed to be on a capture page.

When you have a capture page you should have a image and it gives a better perceived image… ( box shot king )

When you get targeted traffic to a targeted offer this is where the magic happen

Capture Page Elements –




Pre – Headline Used to call out your audience. This helps them decide real quick they are in the right place

Headline This is where you make your claim or big promise or what they will get How to headines apply to 99 percent of all offers

Sub headline Reaffirms


Attention ( Your Market Niche )

Attention Those Struggling with ( Problem )

Attention: All 49er Fans ( My wife made me one )

Attention : Home Businesses Owners Struggling to Get leads for your business

Headline Examples

How to Get ( desired result)  in ( time period)

How to (desired result ) like ( world class example )

How to turn ( blank ) into ( desired result )

How to ( desired result ) with you’re not ( blank )

How to make people line up and beg to ( blank )

How to fast-track (desired result )

How to become (desired result) when you ( something challenging)

How to build a ( blank ) you can be proud of

Sub headline examples

Discover how quickly you can (desired result )

Learn how to easily you can ( desired result )

You too can have ( desired result ) in ( desirable time period )

A simple way to (desired result ) even if you ( something challenging)

FRESH TITLE (mac or pc) $37 bucks right now for life!

Remember this 

When Crafiing The Sales Funnel you need to :

  • Be ultra specific with your lead magnet,
  • Solve only one problem with the lead magnet and capture page
  • Keep it simple


Learn, Train, Succeed

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