How to Take Consistent Action In Your Business

Consistency is Key In Your Business

The word Consistency you hear it so much you know it’s important it is but most people do not know the why behind it.

You need the action and everything will change for you the struggle is how. The question is ” How long does it take to be successful.?” Consistency comes in three main areas.

The Three things you must do consistently

If you do not know you need to Build Engage and Sell to your audience

Build your audience every day – Be  consistent on that every single day (just like your regular job). On your Social Network (Facebook, Instagram,  your email list and you need to do it every single day!

Engage your audience – Now that you got them on your list you need to give them the content that is going to solve their problems or concerns and provide solutions.

Sell to your audience – Provide the offers and solution that they can purchase after you have provided the value.

How to treat your business

We as entrepreneurs are not forced to do this business so there is no accountability other than yourself.

Treat your business like a job… if you don’t do a certain thing then act like your boss will fire you. It does not matter how you “feel” about it… it has to be done.

Just like at  your job you have to show up or your fired (right?) . You have to get that report to the boss or complete a certain task(s) by a deadline, otherwise your fired…

It comes down to two emotional triggers pleasure and pain… some people have the ability to just go out there and crush it some use affirmations whatever you use as a motivator is up to yours.

I was coming from over a decade of inconsistency so I actually wrote down my pain points.  I heard that someone posted a piece of paper at his home desk and his workstation at his job that said “( His Name ).

“If you do not take action today you will be stuck at this effing job for the rest of your life!”

Imagine you had to look at that every day because it was posted somewhere and that you could not avoid not seeing it.

I decided that it was a method that suited me so I made a sign too,

If you start and stop you are losing momentum and it takes that period of consistency to get your audience just beginning to take notice of you.

Have a perception by people that you are showing up every day. Perception is key in this industry. If you start and stop how are people going to see that you are a successful and living a great life. Are you fade away or you going to keep take action and keep building and you will show up.

If you keep starting and stopping people will assume you are making no money and having no success.

Have people perceive you as a leader and show up… every day… consistently.

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Scott Lindstrom
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