Simple Leadership Truths to become a leader fast

I want to introduce you to a gal who was introduced to affiliate , online , network marketing and she thought “O my God” ”

“I can make my own hours I can be home with my kids and I can travel whenever and wherever I want!”

She jumped head first into the industry and a couple of days in realized she was going to have to build a team.  That meant she has to lead others. It caused her to be sick to her stomach.

She sat back and pondered ” Can I do this?”

“Am I capable of leading others?” and the thought  “Am I good enough to lead?”

She had no idea if she could until she tried. She also understood that she would need to become the person that could lead just 3 short years ago Erin Brich was a former Artizen jeweler in Canada and raising two teenagers making around  $1500 fifteen hundred dollars a month.

It may relieve some of you to know she had no previous experience in this industry.

To put it in perspective the only thing she knew online how to do was copy and paste when it come to her online skills.

The idea of being a leader scared the Shit out of Erin. Through the fear came the success.  Today Erin can travel when and where she wants and no longer is struggling to make ends meet and has that entrepreneur freedom that so many of us seek today.

Understand you need to become the person you need to be.

If you are a afraid to lead that fear is a blockage. The one is it and it is one of the most common called a “epidemic”. It’s from the I’m not good enough blockage.

This blockage will hold you back in life, growing your business…and unfortunately the majority of the population has it.

Simple Truths

.1 Not many people are born to lead you become a leader. You can become a leader and become that Alpha personality.

2. You got to believe that you matter. You must believe that you can make a difference that you are here to impact and help people.

3. A good leader is not born overnight. It is a long term process, you got to accept it is a long term process. Long term vision and there is always so much more you need to know.

4. Leaders feel fear but leaders feel the fear and do it anyway. Our brains is supposed to protect us and we are programmed to exaggerate fear to keep us safe.

5. You have been been leading most of your life. If you are a parent you are a leader. If you ever had a night out with your friends and you have helped your friends make sure they got home safely chances are you used your leadership skills came into play and you did not even know it.

6. Are you really alone in leader. You might think ” Its all up to me and it’s all on my shoulders” Leaders work together. So you are “Never Alone”.

7. Leaders are not perfect and are human. Stop thinking you need to be perfect and you need to be perfect to lead. The team will pull together more if they see their leader is indeed human and makes mistakes too.

What traits does a leader have?

Confidence, enthusiasm, emotional stability, they have boldness and have tough skinned/minded maturity they are empathetic they are charismatic and intuitive now when you hear these traits does anything come to mind?

Who has all all those trait’s. Someone who has put in the work to become that person and invested themselves. You become ultra self aware you read books. Leaders are readers.

Visualize yourself leading your team. Meditation and connection to yourself with affirmations. It is a process you have to start. Emulate a couple of leaders that you like and watch them.

There should be a couple of leaders that you watch and relate to and ask what would so and so do in this position.

The moral of the story here is don,t be too hard on yourself. Don’t overthink leadership otherwise you will never take action.

Hopefully this inspires you to lead and help out others do the same…and become the leader you know you can be.

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