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  1. Ask Scott Lindstrom Podcast #3

      Welcome to # 3 of The Show. I talk about Ray Higdon and his new product the 3 Minute Expert. This course is selling like hot cakes right now I go into how you need to be come the expert and put yourself out there as the ” Authority”…

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  2. Ask Scott Lindstrom Podcast #2

      So Welcome to #2 wow, careful now this might start to be a habbit… you can totally tell I am nervous as hell… The Guy that did My podcast into is hereĀ I recommend him be prepared to spend $10 bucks and tell em I referred you! Here is the…

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  3. Ask Scott Lindstrom Podcast #1

        Hey Everyone Welcome to my new podcast I created this is literally brand spanking new and I created it for everyone Hope you get tons of value out of this leave your comments below and any questions go to the contact me tab… if you want I will…

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