Setting Up Your First Marketing Funnel

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Why a Marketing Funnel?

Two words Marketing Funnel… its not just about getting leads, really the whole goal to find interested prospects in whatever we do… Getting leads is not enough… there are 2 parts of the process to the marketing funnel

1 Lead Gen – building 

2.Converting – Converting into sales 

Why are people not making good money is because there is “Fortune in the Follow Up” if there is no follow up then you are not going to get good results

What about email?  It’s a good start  … but could be better let’s dive into this…

We need to brand ourselves and to get out there because video is going to be the way to get people to get to know like and trust you… the more people see you the more they are likely to buy what you have

Sales Funnel Equation and its all about building your sales funnel and building every aspect

So from the video we send them to a capture page what you should have in place any time you can get someone to see a video of  you are going to get better quality leads!

Don’t put just a  video on your capture page  they just saw a video of you so why do you need to put another one on the video… once they opt in you should have a bridge page ( video of you in it ) and should be you and you should your goal is to frame the offer that they will see on the next page…  Make sure to welcome them , check their inbox, introduce the new friend they are going to meet on the next page the sales page…

HUGE TIP from the point to see the video to the offer at the end at the sales page  (CONGRUENT)
Marketing Funnel BreakdownTip : It’s a little chrome browser Plug in called Grammarly and corrects on almost every thing your write. It’s way better then spellchecker.

Now the key is to make sure you message is the same everywhere through your marketing funnel….

The problem is people talk about one thing but the offer is different from the video… if people Connect with Me On Instagram want Facebook marketing tips give them Facebook tips…

Congratulations you are in the right place (welcome video) and frame the offer on the next page and introduce the person…

Keep welcome video a min to 2 min and very rarely do people buy the first time… so there needs to be EMAIL FOLLOW UP

Basic Sales Funnel


The Basic Marketing Funnel

After the 7 emails at this point showcase a  couple of tool related posts ( review on another product ) or a different sales page referral


If you have your own products you can combine a welcome video / and sales funnel…

Work throughout your marketing funnel and say ” Can you do me a favor… Reply back to this email and tell me a little bit about you” ” What is it that you promote or where you live… ”

TIP : Webinars are the most popular and best way to sell a product

Broadcast emails – If you are using lets say Aweber get  awprotools that segment your list so the people that are in your 7 day broadcasts do not get all the broadcasts you are sending after they have gone through the videos then they get put on the broadcast… I would like to give you the PDF  of these two handouts

I would like to give you the PDF  of these two handouts, handouts work excellent for conversions.

Now let’s look a little more advanced marketing enter…


Custom Marketing Funnel

The Custom Marketing Funnel

This customized funnel has a goal of the introduction of yourself and what you are all about…

then you get multiple emails attached to that offer

the first 3 emails are the most important and set the impression for the engagement factor

Email #1 – Story ( your story ) this will take time patience and send them back to your MO (Main Offer)

Tip: Put a My Story Page on your blog and put some testimonials on it…

Email # 2 -( keep it short ) My Story and our goal from this point forward is to educate the prospect  going forward through a number of different ways… videos,webinars, blog posts and even more.

Email # 3 – Is a Blog post a piece of content of whatever you want. This is value and when you do the blog post it is recommended that you have a video in it… and it leads them down the path… if you want to learn more and you need the tools…

The 4 video marketing funnel Email # 4 -The Mini Video Funnel ( may take some time and is optional  ) this is a 4 video funnel 4 videos that take people down a path ( each video 8 – 10 ) min which leads people down to main offer Its easy to make… it educates people…

first video – struggle / story and bring it back to them hit on the pain points

3 components on the other videos showcase your main offer

second video — community – benefits of (main offer)

third video – training of your mo (main offer)

fourth video  – tools  of your mo  (main offer)

Email #5 – video this can be a video online or offline topics you choose that is relevant to your content…

Email #6 – video this can be a video online or offline topics
you choose that is relevant to your content…

The sales funnel equation course goes over this in detail

Tip : Troy Boyd (google him)  had done millions in sales and can make great copy … if you want him to create great emails that has been responsible for millions of dollars worth of sales… and he can do these emails to you…

Email  #7  Send them  back  Main offer again

At this point if they have not purchased then

Email #8 Related tool like  ( Aweber ) or course

Email #9 Related tool or take a course

As you can see there is a hundred ways to make a cake and yes it’s going to take a minute to set up your marketing funnel… DO NOT stop marketing while you build this out. Do one page at a time one email at a time….

Once you have it setup it is done…

Hopefully this made sense… My buddy Mark had got an awesome sales funnel course called the Sales Funnel Equation. I don’t get a dime for recommending it but I own it and it helped show me the light on my marketing…

If you have any questions let me know

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