How to create Custom Tabs in Facebook

What is a Facebook Custom tab and why do I care? 

Use Facebook as your central hub for social media… keep your customers involved and keep them within Facebook. 

So making a custom tab on Facebook is easy … No Really… 

the pages are static html and are 810 pixels wide

These static is great for turning fans into email customers 

The little tab icons on the Facebook fan page are 111×73 or 74 pixels and you got to be precise 
when uploading it to Facebook..

Here is a Facebook Fan page notice the small tabs…
Custom tabs get called a lot of different things 
They are custom Tab Icons, Custom Apps, Fan Page Tabs and Facebook landing pages 

Just using custom tabs has helped a ton right from Facebook You need to be using custom tabs!

Five Essential Elements to the have the perfect landing page will contain these 

First of all you need to have a fan page if not youtube search it and you will find out all about it.

Ok in order to get this going I am suggesting what is called a static FB page HTML ( thats computer code ) generator . Pretty easy to set up… 

Once you get your tab setup then its time to construct your landing page ( capture page ) 


1 Attention-Grabbing Headline – 
7 to 10 word headline that reflects what the audience wants… 

2. Social Proof Small Like box on the landing page using a social proof can build 2 email lists at once and build your fan page of those that opt in… 

3. Benefit filled Bullet Points ( NOT FEATURES ) it’s what the customer wants to hear… Why do they want to join your email list and what are they going to gain by doing so… 

4 Email Opt-In Box with a call to action box
To collect names and or emails to build your list…
Aweber works great 

Aweber is a auto-responder service that is used to keep in contact with your customers by sending out emails and broadcasts offering them information, products or services and above all BUY STUFF So you get paid! 

5 Is a privacy policy you can get a free one here
We want to make people feel safe and the information is going to be kept private… also when doing advertising it is important as it will ensure that the landing page is approved..

 The KEY IS: 

To Direct people to custom tabs and Convert Fans / Visitors into Something Much More Valuable
Which is Email subscribers. 

So really, Building and effective custom tab answers two questions…

“How do I build my List through Facebook?”
“How do I monetize a fan page?”

How by turning fans into email subscribers 

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