Facebook Tips and Tricks Master Marketers Training 1of 2

facebook-tips-and-tricksI leaned this from a two hour webinar from a married couple that are literally Facebook Jedi Masters. They are making 100+ leads a day on FB… and average 1500 likes a month! I am going to give you a great FB resource that you can get not only a free training by Michelle herself…  they have been building their FB business and are in the trenches building their online business.

Michelle got into the home based business originally and started marketing on Facebook out of desperation… theses FB Masters did not go to FB university… it took her 5 years to graduate from a regular college.

They do NOT have special skills Bill is a college drop out so what I am saying is that they are regular people that wanted something different with their lives…


Sometimes you have to spend to figure out what not to do… ( Spend Money That is )

Facebook is a skill – Youtube is a skill – Learning what to do and how to use it is a skill…  spend the money on the skill and focus on that skill and you make money!

So when Michelle bought a FB course and it was a let down she did not give up and made it a point to learn this FB thing and it has paid off for her.

Who wants to do home parties or  hotel meetings or do any of that stuff?? With a couple of clicks they reach thousands… they now make 7 figures a year and they had just over 3000 people register for this webinar that I happen to attend.

So the back story is  Michelle needed to make money now. She was able to get her husband out of a dead end office job he hated.

She threw herself at this Facebook thing and found out the more you put into it the more you get out…and she put her head down focused on 1 thing,  Facebook.

That is something I want to speak directly to everyone reading this… all you have to do is get good at 1 thing and then focus on that one thing master it and you can make 7 figures a year… Call me right now and I will tell that to you and give you success story after success story of people that mastered 1 platform ( Facebook, Instragram, Youtube, Blogging ect). All you got to find is that one..

Build relationships and get brand awareness built… Follow up is key and relationship is building… on to the training


Personal Vs Fan Page

FB is Picky and they will shut you down if you advertise on your personal page

Professional when you look at a fan page you have got a level of professionalism and building your brand… that is going to move your business forward…

Your personal page is PERSONAL… YOUR PERSONAL LIFE you the kids, wife, your life

Your Business is MOSTLY BUSINESS…

Your Fan Page is ranked in SEO… ( you may or may not know that )

Facebook tabs – or application tabs are not used much anymore.

Facebook is moving toward Native Advertising and also Pixels.. ( will explain at a later time )

Be very careful when using MLM or Network Marketing… You can drive traffic to your tabs but FB is looking to see your language and you will get shut down if you use either of those things…

You can assign a Featured Video in the About Me tab and can be used to generate traffic

The CTA button or Call to actions on your page is available

Reach More People through FB advertising with your Fan Page rather then your personal.

Some questions…

Do you need to be tech savvy to do FB ads?  NO , It’s like learning to ride a bike. Get out your comfort zone

Is FB advertising only good for certain business?  YES and It’s great for all businesses. You can use this *The right way* and you can get results… But you need to use this the right way….otherwise you will get flagged, banned or even shut down.

Should I get likes? NO do not buy likes… like at Fiverr you will get {clickfarms} likes and people were paid to like your page normally in some other country.  Alway get English speaking countries when you are putting your ads out… Facebook sees where these likes are coming from and it can hurt you!

PAID or FREE strategies? YES/ NO  Free traffic vs Paid… Free or organic traffic is the only way there will be a cost ( your time ) If you place zero amount on your life then the organic way is the way for you… ( takes a long time )

Paid… yes it costs 10 dollars a day… but the revenue you can make will be greater and you can scale it once you got it down.

You put in a dollar and get back three how fast can you put that in and for how long?? Thats a great example

Should I share business on my fan page… share lifestyle… share your self having fun in you business…

Common Ad Disapprovals

20 percent text rule in your ad it will be disapprove in the news feeds

Exaggerated Claims – on the landing pages or status pages be careful of what you say look from the outside looking in especially guaranteeing

Fan Page not in compliance – They are looking at your funnel and page and they will disapprove you..If you cannot put up a ads and it gets immediately disapproved its because your page is flagged

Ads using the word FACEBOOK be very careful its Trademarked don’t use it Images and such

Promoting MLM / Networking or Get Rich Quick scheme there is  a technique you can use

Landing page not in compliance – Pop ups… unrealistic guarantees. if you are driving traffic you got congruency with your offer and check mywot.com ( web of trust )


FB will flag your account… … people do not know why? It’s important you find out why…

Types of Ads 

  • Click to Website : Send people to your website with call to action buttons
  • Website Conversion Ad: Increase Conversion on your website. You’ll need a conversion pixel on your website before you can create this ad
  • Page Post Engagement: Boost your posts for more engagement, likes comments and shares. ( you have got to pay to play )
  • Page Likes: Promote your page and get Page likes to connect with more people who matter to you… That enables you to promote to your fans… people that know, like and trust you.
  • App Installs : get installs of your app
  • App Engagement : Increase engagement to your app
  • Offer Claims: Create offers for people to redeem in your store
  • Local Awareness: Reach people near your business
  • Event Response: Rase attendance at your event

Facebook Ads

Split test… ads

Never combine countries  or interests speak to your audience

Goals of a Likes Ad You need to do this :

$10 dollars a day… ( build your list! ) Michelle and Bill spend at the time of this post $100 dollars a day but they are on that level and you can too by starting to:

  • Building your brand
  • Creates a loyal following
  • Creates a Perfect Audience
  • Know Like, Trust Factor

Creating the Ad

  • Image
  • Speak to customer
  • Targeting
  • Bidding  ( optimize for likes )
  • Split Test ( always )
  • CTR ( Click Through Rate )
  • Cost ( got to be good )
  • Frequency
  • Relevancy Score – 10 is perfect …


Upload Directly to FB

Blog Post ( share your blog posts )

Free Reports ( checklists, PDF’s How to Videos  Webinars Ebooks



3 – 5 times a day ( spread out )

Organic Reach

Fewer then 1000 fans 25 percent will see your ads…

Page Post Engagement Ads

( Share Story) Shared content to get more likes


3 Steps to Process Videos ( always running )

Step 1. Pattern Interrupt ( short ) 2-3 min…

10 second window

Grab attention with question

Move to step two

Step 2. The Meat

Make it more about them then you

Talk about their desire to overcome and how they can get there

Step 3. Call to Action

1 distinct purpose ( a confused brain makes no decision)

Need to direct the prospect what to do next

Need to get a beneficial reason why…

Website Conversion Ads ( always running )

  • Lead Generation ( which one is bringing on leads )
  • Conversion Tracking Pixels
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase Engagement

Clicks to Website Ads  ( always running )

  • Drive traffic to offers
  • Drive traffic to blog posts
  • Drive traffic to sites outside FB
  • Runs in newsfeed and right side, no call to action button for right side

Part 2 of 2 you will learn

Identifying Your Brand and Customer Avatar

Custom Audiences and Audience Insights

Retargeting Pixel

Understanding your insights panel on your fan Page

P.S I hope you got value from this and if I can help you out further go ahead and hit me up on my FB page. I will make a awesome recommendation of a course that Michelle made and keeps updating it as it comes out and that is the SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY course… I can not express if you want to learn FB the right way this is it…

P.S.S if you would like to join our community of like minded marketers like Bill & Michelle then check this out

See You on the next one

Scott Lindstrom