Stay On Target with Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Re Targeting

If you want to know about Facebook Retargeting you have come to the right place… I want to share with you the simplicity of how you can ” Legally stalk your customers until they buy from you”

By the way if you are a Nerd you will know this image above … if not instant message me and I will tell you
You may or may not know this but this happens to me I will be looking at something at EBAY and then I go over to FB and on the right hand side is the item that I didn’t buy and it’s looking at me like ” You know you want me…” Geeeezzzzz really?

So I wanted to go over the basics and get that covered even if you are not building a list right now you should put this on your blog or website to begin capturing the leads so in a couple of months when you do decide to do some marketing then you can get this data that FB has been collecting on all your visitors.

All we are doing here guys is building a list that we can be in front of which is a audience. Its a group of people that have visited your site and you have the ability to keep in touch with them…

My buddy Mark calls it ” The invisible opt-in” We all know what a capture page is well what happens if they do not opt in it’s all wasted traffic 1 out of 10 people of in so you have 9 people that have visited and left so what do you do?

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This is going to be so drop dead simple if you don’t know my goal is after you see this post is that you get it…

If you want to do FB advertising and we are talking about internet leader that do not have this installed…

FB gives us this magic thing called a ” RE TARGETING PIXEL ” a pixel is a tiny image you cannot see it that sends data back to the source…

I got a little tool to see if someone has a FB pixel on their site  it’s a browser extension ( ONLY ON CHROME ) its call FB pixel helper you can install this on your browser and when you click it and what and where

1. You go to my blog ( you see I have a pixel on my blog )

2. When you visit my page this little pixel get cookied and gets put on your computer

3. It sends info over to FB and says this person visited put em on the list

Everyone single person if they choose to or not and a list will be created ( no names or emails ) It simply says how many people have visited your page up to 180 days.

Then you can put videos and be in front of them on a regular basis… now you can put a ad in front of them on some level.

So the point is this is what big companies do… they utilize this and so can you… the bottom is that you should be using this to target your specific audience and target the ones that is your market

Go here for the free training I know you will find value in it.

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Scott Lindstrom

Scott Lindstrom