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  1. Calling and Closing Your Leads Like A Boss and Loving It

    Great You got the leads not what… so I want to share with a six figure strategy that is going to get you going. It’s about calling and closing the leads once you get them on the phone… When it comes to closing people on the phone I get this question…

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  2. How To Create a Network Marketing Prospecting Blogging Machine

    Here I am going to go over 4 of the most critical parts to your blog when it comes to Network Marketing Prospecting and Home Business. If you can read this article you can get leads, its really isthat simple.I am going over different ways you can boost your blog…

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  3. S + E = MD | MLM prospecting, becoming a master director.

    Keep It simple… When it comes to MLM prospecting it is very easy to become a master prospector. I never get into a long winded conversation about my company / products or services. You have got to find ways to simplify your business. I recently had someone on the phone,…

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