Calling and Closing Your Leads Like A Boss and Loving It


Great You got the leads not what… so I want to share with a six figure strategy that is going to get you going. It’s about calling and closing the leads once you get them on the phone…

When it comes to closing people on the phone I get this question way more then I should. DO you need to call leads? Only if you want sales and signups. I know it’s a pretty simple question but one that needs serious anwsering…

GO FOR NO is a book I highly recommend. My buddy Ray Higdon would go through 20 no’s or try to in a row… he now makes I beieve a couple hundred thousand a month.

Network Marketing is a relationship business we are still human beings so you need to have the relationship in the business.

Picking up the phone is often the biggest hurdle especially when that phone weighs 900 pounds and they cannot pick it up.

Online marketing dosent mean you can hide behind your computer. You have to call and close the lead to get the sale.

If you dont call your leads someone else will. When you talk to people most people opt in to multiple offers so you will need to refresh their memory.

One of the things that can help you greatly in the beginning is to ask for phone numbers on your capture pages!

It is amazing how most people opt in for things and then never get called.

Best time to call – Late afternoon early evening know where you are calling (time zones) Fridays is a great day to call. People have their mind off work and late day on Saturdays they are home.

Use Your CRM – your (customer relationship manager ) is key, so document what you do and see what you are doing and you need to know thoes conversations and document and know how to use it…

Also the CRM is your way to know where you stand with this person and what is their story…

Leave a voicemail – Today everyone screens their calls and people pick up on the second or the third call.. so when you are at day 1 day 3 and day 5
Days 1 and 3  ” Hey this is _____ Saw you were checking out my _____ course and then find out what their why.

Day 5 ” Hey saw you were checking out ______ and I see you are not interested so I will cross you off my list…”

2 or 3 strikes ?

You can always generate another lead. It’s ok mess up get really good and make the calls without fear of messing it up. You got to do it to get better…

Send a email – in addition send it out a day or two after you send out a email… and reach out to them

Send a text – I dont text and when I call them and i cannot leave a voicemail so text message is like a one and done… the open rates on text messages is like 90 percent…

Message them in Facebook especially and message them the same thing in Facebook that you leave on the phone…

Follow up vs stalking – There is sometimes a fine line dont ever send 3 text messages don’t overkill it do at the most two of these things… the more you spend someone that does not want to be chaseing you then

What If They Do Anwser?

Important to sound natural… not scripted… This comes with PRACTICE!

Watch the tone and inflection of your voice. Phrasing things like from a question to a statement. You are a professional and you want to get down to business.

Remember they are the prospect. YOUare the leader! People want to be LED!

Want to talk to someone who can show them exactly what to do not with someone who is just as lost as they are.

When calling and closing your leads … remember … POSTURE … POSTURE … POSTURE…


What to say on the phone when Calling your Leads

  • The person asking the questions is the the one in control of the conversation
  • Find their WHY and then you attemp to find their PAIN.
  • What are they Open To?
  • Find their need and then fill it!
  • Married, Single, or Dating?
  • You need to do what the best interest of your prospect
  • Cant push them into something they are not open to
  • Catagorize one of them into the following


When sending people to the presentation (primary ect or scheduling a live screen share walkthrough of your primary business. There is basically three types of people out there that you are going to be speaking too.

Get the time commitment…

How soon can you take a look?

Always set a concret follow up date and time for the appoiointment…


  • Dont try to foce your MLM / Primar opp on them
  • Give them something toi help build their business
  • MLSP
  • Coaching
  • Newsletter
  • Other Free or Paid training a
  • Keep them connected to you so you can build the relationship… Throw in a free training


  • Dont have an oppourtunity, want to learn how to make money from home/online
  • Introduce them to your MLM / Primary Oppourtunity
  • Maybe MLSP


  • They have a business oppourtunity but arn’t happy with it or are open to a new opportunity
  • Introduce them to your MLM / Promary Oppourtunity
  • Maybe MLSP
  • In addition to assessing the situtation just help them be suscessful. There is s a strategy of using a screenshare vs a video…
  • I do that because I am able to close them on the spot… so there are like a 45 minute screenshare (that takes time)


When sending people to a presentation (Your Primary, MLM ect ) or scheduling a live screenshare walkthrough of your program this is key to the calling and closing process.


How soon can you take a look?

Always send a concrete follow up date and time…

You’re good at keeping appointments, right?

When people give you wishy washy words then you need to call them out…


  • What did you like best? ( Never what do you think)
  • Posture Call it like you see it . Don’t take excuses
  • Don’t settle for “Probably” or “Maybe”
  • Dont be afraid to Call Ther B.S
  • “Ready to Get Started?”


  • Are they Really Intersted Or Not?
  • This is a real objection or just an excuse?
  • Not trying to Change Their Minds… Just Trying to Get them to Commit One Way Or The Other
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t hav ethe time / How much time does it take?
  • I have to ask my spouse
  • I need to think about it
  • I wnat to do some research

You have to be convinced about what you have and you have to be all in.. When I was failing to close people then I was failing them… if you dont find something like MLSP then they are sure to fail… knowing that then that gave me the power to be strong.

After I overcome the objection then go to a presentive close. I try to do 3 screenshares and then I can close at least 50 % so that means I can do 1 a day…

After I go through the signup process I send them to the 30 day trial sales page. By doing this you will be calling and closing like a boss.

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