Building Your Marketing Strategy With Instagram 2 of 2


Ok in the first one I showed you how to set up your Instagram and where to get the content to post the pictures now I am going to go over HOW TO GET FOLLOWERS!!!

Tools automate your life so lets dive into it

Lets look at Iconosquare go under statistics and you can literally see what time that your community are active and this gives you a good time to post…

Here is the best part…

You can schedule out a post and base it on the days of the week and time of day and its $12 dollars for 3 accounts a month… You want to be consistent with your Instagram…

Use Google Drive and Picasa as the images and information is shared across all device types mac and pc alike.

Make sure you got your Onlypult account and set it to your time settings…

So if you prefer a desktop experience you can comment and view with Iconosquare and create and send Instagram posts with OnlyPult.

If you have a graffic designer that say Ray and recycle every 70 days… and repurpose it with different accounts… Find a designer to create all the images…

You can set it up as much as you want to….

Don’t ever post more then 5 times a day… If you post 2 – 5 times a day your golden ( in the money)

Instagress is a awesome tool but in the wrong hands it can be a tool that people will abuse this will do likes follows and even comments…

I wanted to share some of the things to do with Instagress and just follwo the process

However I don’t recommend the comments as Instagram can pick up fake commenting because of its algorithm can shut down your account…  Just turn on the Likes and the followers you will get them its based on hash tag research

You can see hash tags research on Iconosquare… people are abusing the hash tags like crazy in the MLM niche.

Start slow… ( keep lower ) and grow your account

Media source – on tags only

New media only – keep that on

Don’t follow private users… If you have you account set to private why you basically have the shades drawn on your business.

Like only pictures that have 1 – 30 likes… so you are not liking pictures that have like a 100 likes.

Following – Other User Accounts

Unfollows – You can only follow up to 7500 and when you click the button it will unfollow people who are not following you.

You don’t want to look like a bot or seem like a bot and manage it don’t let it get too crazy… Keep a even ratio

You can do locations ( I don’t ) It’s mostly local.

Tags – Do a little hashtag research and there is no limit…

Recommend with new account start of at slow at 100 and the follows stop at ____ and shut it off when you go to bed…. and turn it back on in the morning…

Hopefully this helps you with your Instagram marketing … There is a great course that can help you check it out here 

P.S I want to give you a free Instagram Cheat Sheet Just for stopping by HERE IT IS

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