Brand Yourself and get Branded Traffic and why it’s the best

Fact : Too many people are going broke trying to get rich quick.

If you want to get traffic and riches without doing the work then this information is not going to be of any benefit to you.

Branded traffic is the key to brand yourself it is traffic from people that know you and have given permission to market to them…
It is the exact opposite of interruption marketing or spamming…

How do you get this branded traffic? Well if you want to know you have come to the right place

By putting value into the marketplace
By solving the problems of your target market
Work on attracting you and those that study / are interested in the things that you like

Don’t ever use non serving language…

” I don’t know what my target market is “

I am so happy and grateful that I am finding out what my target market is…

If unknown attract ” you ” who are you…

you need to create it

Value in the online world = CONTENT
that comes in the format of

  1. Blogs 
  2. articles
  3. videos 
  4. sound-cloud 
  5. Facebook Statuses 
  6. Instagram pics 
But two questions you need to ask when it comes to the content that you are getting out …
1. What the heck do I talk about ?
2. Why would someone want to listen to me ?
If you want BRANDED traffic 
then you give them value and focus on them 
So what do I talk about again 
That is the key to brand yourself... 
Look at your notes and transfer them online 
Do you ever attend webinars? Read Book or attend events?  Making the sacrifices to make things better your writing checks… 
What can you do in 25 minutes ? 
You can Read a chapter 
Watch 3-4 short training or inspirational videos 
Transfer those notes to a video or social media (those old notebooks) 
Why would someone listen to me?? O.K BECAUSE YOU PROVIDE THEM VALUE 
If you broke down in the middle of the desert and someone offered you help would you ask for references first? 
always post on the the standards : Google plus , Twitter, Facebook… 
on a standard / daily basis… 
You can do SocialAdr is a paid service and will help you get more traffic by putting your links out there and people sharing thoes links… 
Post to Facebook Groups post in some groups… of 10,000, 5,000 and 25,000 
Post in a couple of groups but don’t waste your time with a capture page in there… 
When someone posts in the FB group… people are looking for a buy button or a email op-in 
and if the answer is yes then they will close is
Now couple that with a FB post video and blam you got some awesome content that you can get out to the masses!
If you are posting a youtube video or blog you are going to get people to visit your page 
Instagram – the new social platform on site… Instagram and do tracking with bitly…  
TIP: Track everything! Track where do you get traffic from? You need to do what it takes to find out where your traffic is coming from… 
# hashtags on Instagram are magical… If you search for a # it will find what you are looking for. 
throw a # hashtag on a comment and immediately rank for that comment.

Lets Talk Email here for a second

Let’s talk about branding when it come to email :
After someone opts into your list give them their free report / free video, audio but let that be the only canned email that they will get .

Make the email totally you! Don’t be the slick car salesman using pre made emails in their auto responder, people have become immune to that

Shoot them a email saying hey need help in your business are you looking for a mentor, here I am…


1. Have a great give away … the give away sucks you need to change it… have one that one that comes on your page and its the type you want. Make them toss and turn in their sleep if they don’t get that great giveaway.

Tip : Have 3 give aways on the same capture page but change the giveaway – 1. A video  2. A Free Report 3. A Audio put them on a URL rotator
and see which one converts the best!

2. Ask them to become a lead – The number 1 reason people do not join is because you don’t ask…
Just start doing a call of action every piece of content… Don’t over complicate this
If you are using the following on your opt in forms ” Get On My List” “Follow Me” ” Join my newsletter” are freaking horrible

We want solutions to problems…

TIP: Lets talk about how to Make BIG MONEY when you brand yourself
Affiliate Marketing – what not to do take a standard capture page that you get and then
spam the crap out of Facebook with the link ( capture page )

How to make money at affiliate marketing –
1. Get the course
2. Take Notes ( learn it inside and out )
3. Shoot video and blog about it and do reviews

So Instead of capture pages and do Reviews ( share some value ) and then say if you would like the full scoop then go here!

Don’t worry about freebie seekers they are always making little money…

You need to stop , stop , STOP putting you stupid company and spamming the heck out of everyone with it! I am sure you company is good but stop putting join my ____ business or buy my _____ stuff here..

Key: Raise Curiosity : Hey having a blast with my team… hey my buddy just won a brand new BMW…

How to make money from your own stuff…
If you say to yourself you don’t know… that’s ok… the reason is they think too much (overcome that by understanding all it is is monetized  trainings)  Its a deeper version of what you would do on a webinar ( kinda like the watered down version )

Tip : You want to make the big bucks – – – DO WEBINARS


Marketing —-> Invest + Learn —–> Teach = $ $ $ 
Brand yourself with branded traffic. If you thought this content was good then be sure to like, comment or share this information 

Remember: Stop looking at how far you have to go and instead look at how far you have come!

Some questions that I got emailed to me about this post and I wanted to go over that right now
Q: How long should my blog post be ?
A: Ideally shoot for 700 words and a video – at the very least shoot a video and post it… look at people like Eric Worre is a guy that just does a video. However someone like Ray Higdon does a video and a blog post..
My bear minimum is 350-400 words plus a video but if I don’t do a video then my minimum is 500+
Now if I tell you that then you go o my god… you are thinking too small … The key is consistency and value. Now if you are really wanting to brand yourself then I recommend then you look at those two people I just mentioned.  Hope that helped…
Q: What is my first plan of action I am brand new 
A: It depends on your goals I see business as two things marketing and prospecting… when I started my idea is network marketing. Ray Higdon did a blog post and video every day… and then spend a hour or hour on active prospecting… Don’t be afraid to prospect… 
If you are new and you don’t have anything shoot videos then have people email you thats your call to action… Thats with no blog, no website, no leads… intelligently prospect on social media and do a combination of that! 
P.S If you would like to know where I learned this information and how to brand yourself then I would like to show you the system that can do that for you here.

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