6 Awesome Ways To Get Customers To Say Yes



But Yes yes to what? Yes to you’r business, Yes to people doing business with you.

I got some killer tips to share that if you want more exposure in your business or you want to get more customers to say yes … if you want to increase your prescense in your business…

These things are in no perticular order except number 6.

1. Increase your value to the marketplace – and the person sitting across the table from you. You cannot expect the universe to add or give to you if you do not give out first. Look for ways to pass referrals.

Look to add value to the marketplace and give to others without trying to get a sale every chance you get. The key word there is give. Look it as a net-gain.

Buy their stuff buy a product good or service that you could not buy from a network marketing rep. rather then a big box store. If you are going to buy candles find a sensi rep, if you are going to travel look a world ventures…

Promote your prospects on social media! Promote them and add value to their maketplace! Take the spotlight and put it on other people and these are the people who you want to work with.

2. You have to have a compelling offer – If your offer is crap nobody will buy. In the speaker world you will see at a live event where you see “value stacking” A speakers at the end they make the offer so compelling you cant help but buy.. Bonus after Bonus

What can you do to sweeten the pot? What can you do to give more then you possibly do to make a compelling offer in your own marketplace?

If you are selling something and you are compeating with someone else why would I buy it from you vs someone else…

3. Make it easy for someone to say yes – As an example:  Dont just offer Pay Pal when someone wants to buy something from you pay the 5% fee by doing it rather then zero sales by not accepting visa. Is the paperwork easy ( network marketing ) can someone sign up in your business…

You got to be prepaired and ready for someone able to take someones money. If you dont have the paperwork and a backup your nuts… Have multiple products in your trunk if you have physical products ( show on the go ).

The reality is some other rep is going to have it in their car… Be prepaired at any given time

4. Increase our trust – So when you say I am going to show up at a meeting at 530 pm  show up at 5 30 How you show up is how you show up. Increase the trust factor is know the anwser and where to get the anwser.

Dont just give a bs anwser to get out of it… Get back to them when you dont have the anwser and really do get back to them…

Facebook is the worst where people are asking questions and someone will try to help them and its the wrong information and now you got two people are screwed up… get the correct anwser form the correct people

Tell stories that incrase value… People buy stories remember the old addage facts tell stories sell… Get good at telling other peoples stories… all you do is collect stories  then you will be light years ahead

  5. Make sure you are talking to the right people 

At the end of the day people only buy solutions

People buy one thing SOLUTIONS you want to figure out reverse engineer it … whats the problem you solve?… so who has that problem?… identify who are the people more likely who have that problem? Then speak to to thoes people…

Speak to thoes people via your marketing… Ask are you asking a qualifying question… don’t ask a product based question when you are trying to sell a business oppourtunity… and are people asking the right questions ? Test these qualifiying questions to see if these people have the money to start

Are people making money selling the product? Test the process, I dont know anybody that is unique.  Find someone that is creating value in the marketplece and copy what they are doing to create sales…

Your trying to innovate first duplicate then innovate if they are trying to re-innvent the wheel… lets duplicate then we can test and tweek… People do it and its called procrastination… People will make a buch of money yet people wont duplicate what they are doing….

Rob and Duplicate… Go find the people that are making money and copy them… ( successful ones )

6. Ask for the sale – this is the most 100% thing why this is skipped and mind boggling. Be direct be up front…don’t dance around it,  don’t do the presentation without getting a yes or no… ask for the sale..

at the end of the day if you do your presentation they are the right people they have the money they  have the problem you solve it you have increased value in the marketplace a value stacked offer, you made it easy to say yes, they trust you and you do it through a process.

People feel when the credit card comming out is the beginning of a great relationship vs the end…

If you go out and do a presentation and they say No there is something wrong… ask them why they said no… why not get some information…  hopefully these 6 Ways helped show you how to get customers to say yes.

P.S – If you want to learn how to increase your value in the marketplace by creating compelling offers that brings down barriers and makes it easy for some to say yes.

If you want to learn how to show others that you can be trusted and never talk to the worng people. If you want to know the correct works that will get you that sale then click this link and watch a 19 min video

Have a awesome day

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Scott Lindstrom