5 Steps To Becoming The Leader You Want To Be In 2015

5 steps to becomming the leader in 2015Here is a Simple System to kicking life’s Challenges in the Tail and becoming a more profitable entrepreneur in 2015! 5 easy steps… the challenge is can you or will you?

I want to teach you  how to overcome procrastination , become a leader and process to achieving your goals and Increase profit

People are overwhelmed by techie marketing training
Cant seem to get enough done
Have run out of prospects
Are not being taken seriously as a business owner
Are Getting the guidance they’re used to

So I wanted to simplify it so you can reach your goals for the new year

Step 1 Vision & Goals

If time and money were no issue?
Think It then ink it
Focus on what you want and affirm It!
The Procrastination Formula
Fear=Insecurity > Vision + Belief
I am the leader people are looking for
What might happen if I do – What might happen if I do!!!


Step 2 Create a simple and effective marketing plan

Active VS Passive Results today…
Leverage Social Media For Targeted Prospects
Create Valuable Content To Build Authority & Attract Prospects

The one phrase that you can use to create content ” I wish I knew then what I know know ” What do you wish you knew then….  Just share what you wish you knew!
Set Balanced Production Goals:

Ex : Everyday 20 min of Personal Development and then 2 exposure a day then 5 new people contact and 2 decisions collected ( every day ) and 1 piece of valuable content


Step 3: Better Habits

Good Business Habits Starts with Good Life Habits
Identify “Keystone” Habits
Schedule Your Month/ Week Days
Track Activity in all areas you like to improve
Batch your work


Step 4 Monitor and Adjust Associations

The Silent Home Business Killer
Monitor Your Adivce Intake
Find a Mastermind Partner Who will shoot you straight
Find leaders to model and spend time with them

Assignment In the next week find a mastermind partner share thoes production numbers
Who’s Smile are you seeking?

Step 5 Commit to Stepping the Bigger Version Of You

Imagine Being The Leader People WANT to Join
Imaging being bulletproof to the haters and naysayers
Build a profitable network and partnerships with others excited and driven entrepreneurs
Step on the other side
I believe in YOU!

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