4 Areas Of Your Home Business That Needs Constant Focus

4 Areas of Your Home Business That Needs Focus

Do you want your business to grow?  If so you should pay attention these four areas of your business. You must focus on these 4 areas in order to attract to the results you want.

It is important to recognize it, surrender your ego and go forward with whatever steps necessary to seek out the problems and fix it.

It’s like when you car starts making that funny noise under the hood. You know it’s not good so you better get it checked out ( professional coach ) before that noise leaves you stranded by the side of the road.

Unfortunally some of us just keep driving even after  the service engine light comes on.

Here are a universal problems for all home business owners that need constant focus on. .

If you get really good at these four areas you are going to get results. Then again if one of these areas in your home business one of these are out of balance then you will not be operating at full potential…

Personal and Professional Development

It’s funny the people who are unsuccessful resist this. In your business if you are not growing you are dying. There is always room to improve and become better to the person that you want to be.

Read the books, attend the events and above all change your mindset.

There is always room to improve and do better. This is sharpening the ax,  Abraham Lincoln was quoted

“If I was given 4 hours to chop down a tree I would spend the first 3 hours sharpening my ax.”

The famous business philophser Jim Rohn said

For things to change you have to change, for things to get better you have to get better.”

Doesnt it just make sense to learn from the people that have spent their lives in this areas. I personally devote 10 to 15 minues every day rock solid just to this specific task!

Lead Generation & List Building

Focus on creating something that is going to put someone in the front door or in the pipeline of your Home Business.

You want to indentify what does that look like for you?  Depending on your situation  (free vs paid) what do you like to grivate toward? Do you like video marketing? Do you gravitate toward some other social media platform?

It’s like what is your brain wired, and what do you like to do?  The point is to lead with value first, and use attraction marketing.

It is important to have multiple traffic or ways to generate traffic i.e blogging and twitter. If something were to happen, god forbid s to one traffic source you have a backup.

Sales Funnel Conversion

There is no point of generating leads for your Home Business if you are not going to convert them. My recommendation is utilizing a system like MLSP.

This it will give you a platform to leverage other peoples success. You can leverage the training and social proof that is built right into the system!

Ask yourself, how can you improve the sales process? This can be anything that is going to include putting videos and content inside your own follow up strategy.

Put youself as much into the sales process. If they can buy you in addition to the system they are getting that is a sure win.

Try to break down resistance to you by gaining the trust of the prospect. This is done through proving value and establishing the know, like and trust factor.

Try to get on the phone with them and have a conversation with them and see how you can help them you will stand out from the other Home Business owners.

Attempt to create a E-book and talk about a spcecific part of business because it is self branding or creating a 3 day video series and on the 3rd or 4th video pitch your business.

Brand Enhancement and Expansion

Try to launch your blog (self branded ) or using the same color scheme as your social media profiles as everything else. Keep everything looking the same across social media platforms. A simple lack of congruency visually kills conversions.

When it come to building your audience through put content out by doing it on Instagram or on Facebook or  Twitter.

Think about wat the leaders do its all about expanding a audience on social media and you create content and it automates 90 percent of it. By doing this it will create trust with those people.

Here are some questions you want to be thinking about in your Home Business.

What are we doing not just  on a regular basis, but what are we doing also on a weekly basis?

What are some long term projects that I will commit to to oil the machine and enhance your presence online to get more leads and sales online in my Home Business?

What are some things that you have in your life right now that at one time that were just dreams, visions or goals?

What is a 90 day goal is there a certain rank or a certain goal you want and how would your life improve by getting to that goal?

What pain would you be experiencing by not creating your goal? What sacrifices are you willing to give up? As an example,  spending hours on social media wasting time.

What are the characteristics of the person I must become to to hit these goals and does not get so easily distracted?

What is one reason I will do whatever it takes to make this goal a reality?

Get clear on the pain and the pleasure you would experience and that is going to make things push you forward toward your goal. Mike Tyson used to say.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

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