3 Online Marketing Strategies YOU must master

3 Marketing Strategies You Must Master

Do you want to create a business or are you trying to hit the lotto? Use these 3 simple marketing strategies to create a lasting business…

There is a difference between wanting to make money and building a real business… 97 %  percent of Network marketers struggle because of  exactly that, the mindset… they are not willing to invest in themselves and not willing to buy the courses and dive into personal development.

What tools do I need?  What skills do I need? What systems do I need?

That was me for 15 years, my advice… start investing in yourself, you are either going to invest in money and time and if you are not willing to invest in either one then you might want to keep your day job..

Thats o.k someone after all needs to get me my food at the restaurant “Is that going to be you?” or are you going to create a business for yourself… ( you get what I am trying to say ) TwitterBlogInsert

The money will come ( without a doubt )  when you invest in yourself and build a business not just focus in my next hundred dollars..

It’s a darn shame more marketers don’t get that part.

3 Things YOU Must Master

Here are the three Marketing Strategies you absolutely must do DAILY ( everyday ) to crush it in your business.

Some people what to build part time, and that’s ok but what does that look like to you… its a hour or 18 hrs whatever that is that is what you must commit every day … problem most people will not do this…

You set your time frame but you don’t know what to focus on… They don’t have the blueprint and just wander around without a plan

Every successful business has a business plan what is your D.M.O  (daily method of operation ) ? What are you doing every day on a consistent basis

These 3 strategies could be anything…

Whats good for me may not be right for you… so do this moving forward when it comes to marketing online


Two things you must do… that is to pick 2  free marketing strategies as an example  ( videos / blogging ) and you need to know everything about those 2 strategies and focus on it! DAILY!!!


You need to pick your two ( Facebook, twitter, Pinterest , Instagram ) pick 2 and learn everything about them get on every call every training on it and learn it master it and the results will come.

Free strategies work and they are slow but when you use free marketing strategies they are a duplication of you… and they work 24 -7 if you did a video and a blog post every day you would have a 365 versions of you working 24 hours a day…

Think about that… that is how you build… strong and fast!


You must incorporate a paid strategy and the leads will come in faster… so while you have your 2 free marketing strategies working for you you got a paid one working … now…  like ( Facebook ads )

Pick 2 free and 1 paid and your homework strategy is to go onto MLSP pick out 2 free strategies learn all about them market the hell out of them and then pick a paid strategy master it and market the hell out of it!

When you do that Watch what happens to your business…

What system, what social media platforms do you use to build your business, comment below I would like to hear from you.

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